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BVW Jewelers gives the local Reno and Northern Nevada community a personal place to shop and socialize while enjoying unique surroundings. Bridal jewelry for any budget; we have an environment for customers who care about unique and quality jewelry, specialty wines and enjoy a professional yet fun atmosphere. Established in 2005, Britten Wolf started BVW Jewelers with custom jewelry of his own, inspired by art and flowing organic patterns.

Britten Wolf grew his business for 6 years online while also working as an independent wholesale jeweler for retail locations like Bailey Banks & Biddle, DeVons Jewelers, and Kenny G and Company Fine Jewelers in the Reno, Nevada area. In 2013, Britten Wolf launched BVW Jewelers with the desire to share his jewelry and knowledge of all aspects of fine jewelry to the local Reno Nevada community.

The Workbench

Whether you are interested in a custom engagement ring, wedding band, earrings, necklace, bracelet, or a completely unique piece, we’ll help you create exactly what you want. Utilizing lost-wax casting techniques and CAD, BVW Jewelers incorporates the flexibility of expression, imagination and creativity into custom pieces while maintaining the quality standards of high-end jewelry.


Our custom designed jewelry is the culmination of art and jewelry and is crafted with the utmost care. Along with CAD software and advanced technology I am able to turn antique patterns and artistic sculptures into designer jewelry. Customer sketches are turned into designer jewelry pieces that are truly the customers’ own creation.


Meet the Owner

As owner of BVW Jewelers, I have been designing and working in the jewelry industry for over 25 years. I am a second-generation jeweler/goldsmith who apprenticed with his family in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Early on, I helped open their first store in 1987, which specialized in delivering custom, and unique handcrafted jewelry to the those in the Southwest. Since then, I have developed my own style and maintained my reputation as one of the most unique and creative designers of fine jewelry in Northern Nevada. Thanks for visiting and come on in for all your engagement and custom jewelry design needs.
~ Britten Wolf – Owner, Designer

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Friendly Staff

At BVW Jewelers we specialize in custom jewelry design, Britten Wolf and his friendly knowledgeable staff are experienced in all aspects of the creation process. Whether by hand or with the use of Computer Aided Designs (CAD) their goal is to ensure that your dream design becomes your reality. BVW Jewelers also provides appraisals as well as repairs in silver, gold, and platinum.