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Art in our Showroom

BVW Jewelers would like to welcome you to come to our showroom and explore the works of Maz Majoobi. Maz is inspired by the beauty that lies within us and that surrounds us all. He incorporates his fine art photography into many of his pieces, usually by sublimating the images onto materials such as mother of pearl and porcelain.

BVW Gallery features ninety-day exhibitions of established and emerging artists in our Reno, Nevada showroom. We focus on showing dynamic visual art with a strong focus on local artists whenever possible. We believe that art is integral to cultural values, and continued growth of social awareness. Therefore, a percentage of the commission the gallery collects when an artist’s work sells goes to a Greater Northern Nevada community charity.


Back-Pack Kids is a Food Bank of Northern Nevada program that provides nutritious, easy-to-prepare weekend food for selected students at 22 Washoe County Schools. Back-Pack Kids targets homeless children and children showing signs of chronic hunger. These children depend on school meals during the week but have little or nothing to eat on weekends.Do you want to help? Call them at: 775-331-3663.