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Custom Jewelry Design

Visit our Reno, Nevada showroom today and let’s talk about how you’d like your new jewelry designed to fit your personal style and taste. We want to give you the jewelry that you’ve been dreaming of and will communicate with you every step of the way and make sure that’s exactly what you get. We specialize in custom engagement rings, wedding bands and fashion rings.


Extraordinary Never Ordinary™

All of our custom jewelry designs are unique and truly Extraordinary Never Ordinary. Enjoy something that shows your style, and passion for design! Below are just a few designs that have been created for others who have found BVW Jewelers to be their Designer.



Computer-Aided Design

We can use high-tech modeling software to create your jewelry design virtually. Computer-aided design (CAD) Software can greatly enhance the precision of the finished product and gives you the ability to see your design even before the wax model is made. Now we can make adjustments to get your new jewelry looking exactly the way you want it, even before it is even made.

Traditional Design Techniques

Additionally there are times when cutting a design in wax by hand will give the best results. With 20 years in “Lost-Wax Casting”, I can creatively cut your designs by hand using one of the oldest jewelry making techniques used today. Once you have approved the design we use a 3D prototyping machine to literally mill or grow the wax model. Your design is then checked for quality and accuracy before the final piece of jewelry is cast in gold, silver or other precious metal then finished stones like diamonds are set if desired!

Decisions, Decisions…

Don’t know exactly what you want? That’s fine too. We love working with clients to discover what will really wow them in an engagement ring, wedding ring or any other piece of jewelry. BVW Jewelers is a great place to get a feel for what you are really looking for.