Can You Change A Yellow Gold Ring To White Gold?

Hello, jewelry enthusiasts! Today, we're going to tackle a question that frequently pops up among our clients and followers: Can you change a yellow gold ring to white gold? It might seem like a magical transformation, but it's a part of the many wonders of the jewelry world that we, at BVW Jewelers, are excited to explore with you!

Understanding Gold Jewelry

Gold, a precious metal beloved for its timeless appeal and luster, comes in various types, mainly distinguished by its colors and compositions. Enchanting yellow gold, radiant white gold, and romantic rose gold are the most common. While yellow gold basks in its natural, warm hue, white gold boasts a silvery-white finish, thanks to the alloy metals and a rhodium plating finish.

Transforming Yellow Gold to White Gold: Is It Possible?

Now, on to the main event! Can a yellow gold ring transform into a beautiful white gold piece? The answer is yes! However, it’s not as straightforward as it seems, and there are two main paths to consider. The first option is Rhodium Plating. This process involves coating your yellow gold ring with rhodium, a platinum family member, giving it a white gold appearance. But remember, rhodium plating isn't a permanent solution. The plating may wear off with time and wear, revealing the original yellow gold underneath. The alternative is a bit more involved but can yield permanent results. Re-casting the ring in white gold allows the transformation to endure. Using our advanced 3D design technology and lost wax casting techniques, our expert team at BVW Jewelers can create a mold of your original ring and cast it in white gold, preserving its design while changing its color.

The Cost of Changing Yellow Gold to White Gold

The cost of this magical transformation can vary widely depending on the method chosen and the intricacy of the ring’s design. Rhodium plating is often the less expensive option, while re-casting will require a higher investment due to the extensive craftsmanship involved.

Considerations Before Changing the Color of Your Gold Ring

Before you embark on this transformation journey, there are a few things you should consider. Assess the sentimental value attached to the original ring and its yellow-gold color. Also, remember that some details might alter slightly during the re-casting process. Lastly, always choose a reputable jeweler (like BVW Jewelers!) to ensure the utmost care and quality in the transformation process.

Caring for Your White Gold Ring

After the transformation, your white gold ring will need some tender loving care. Regular maintenance and cleaning will keep its sparkle alive. If you opted for rhodium plating, you might need to get your ring re-plated occasionally. Don’t worry, we at BVW Jewelers are always here to assist you in maintaining the radiance of your jewelry.


Whether it's the excitement of a color transformation or the joy of seeing a piece of jewelry take on a new life, changing a yellow gold ring to white gold is as magical as it is fascinating. At BVW Jewelers, we make this magic happen every day, thanks to our inclusive space, expert team, and community-driven approach to jewelry design and transformation. Ready to start your custom design or experience the extraordinary magic of jewelry transformation? Join our inclusive community at BVW Jewelers. We're excited to help you discover our collections and create your own unique pieces!