Halo Ring vs 3-Stone Ring

Three Stone Diamond ring or Halo Diamond Ring?

Hello, sparkling soul! Deciding on an engagement ring setting might feel a tad overwhelming, right? But guess what? We're here to make it as enchanting and straightforward as choosing your favorite gemstone. Today, let's unravel the magic behind two of the most loved settings: Halo and 3-Stone. Grab your magnifying glass and let's dive deep into this shimmering world, brought to you by the expert team at BVW Jewelers.

What's a Halo Setting?

Imagine a stunning centerpiece diamond, enveloped by a constellation of smaller, twinkling diamonds. That’s the Halo for you!

Design & Appearance at BVW Jewelers

Our custom design brings forth the epitome of craftsmanship, making your central diamond seem like it's floating on a bed of stardust. Using advanced 3D design technology, we ensure every halo ring captures the essence of your love story.


  • The illusion of a grander center stone.
  • A symphony of sparkle!
  • Tailored for all shapes - whether you fancy round, princess, or something unique.
  • Little Things to Ponder
  • While the halo amplifies the center's glamor, it may overshadow its intrinsic beauty a tad. And for some, it might feel a bit too radiant.

The Sentimental Journey of the 3-Stone Setting

Discovering the 3-Stone Setting

Three stones, each symbolizing past, present, and future. A beautiful narrative of your love journey!

BVW's Bespoke 3-Stone Design

At BVW Jewelers, we believe every love story is unique. Hence, every 3-Stone setting crafted by us, using lost wax casting techniques, brings that story to life.


  • A tale of time told through gems.
  • Versatile stone combinations to match your spirit.
  • Each stone gets its moment under the spotlight.

Little Things to Ponder

While deeply symbolic, the three stones might not dazzle as brightly as a halo. The side companions might also playfully steal some attention from the main gem.

Making Your Grand Decision

Echoing Your Personal Style

Are you all about glitz, or is sentiment your guiding star? Dive deep into your heart and the answer will shimmer back.

Thinking of the Wallet

BVW Jewelers' commitment to quality ensures value, whether you lean halo or 3-stone.

Sentiment Vs. Sparkle

It's the timeless symbolism of the 3-stone against the radiant charm of the halo. What story does your heart wish to tell?


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