Art Nouveau Peekaboo Sapphire and Diamond Fashion Ring


Regular price$8,900.00

Introducing the splendor of B. Wolf Designs' Peekaboo Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring, a masterpiece of Art Nouveau inspiration. This exquisite ring centers around a captivating 6.5mm sapphire, flanked by two pear-shaped side sapphires and adorned with 116 smaller sapphires, creating a mesmerizing sea of blue. Adding to its allure, two hidden 'peekaboo' sapphires offer a delightful surprise, embodying the essence of discovery and elegance. Each ring is a canvas for your personalization, from the choice of stones to the metal type, ensuring a piece as unique as your love story. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, allow 4-6 weeks to bring this customizable masterpiece to life, a testament to bold design and timeless beauty.

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