Our gallery features exhibitions of established and emerging local artists. We believe that art is integral to cultural and social values, which has proven to attribute towards the growth of social awareness. Therefore, a percentage of a commission from a piece of art goes to a Greater Northern Nevada charity.


Escape into fluidity, dive in! 
All originals are hand-cut wood with custom iridescent pigments and acrylics, topped with a glass-like art resin.  It's very difficult for photography to capture all the changes in the colors.  Just like Lake Tahoe under the bright sun, the brighter the light the art is displayed in, the more the iridescent pigments come alive.
Why resin all my pieces?  Do you love walking on the beach, finding a rock, taking it to the shallows, dipping it in, and seeing all the colors come alive? 
Resin is like the permanent gloss of the water on the rock.   When the light dances through the resin, it enhances all the custom pigments in my art, creating depth and giving it that glossy, fluid experience that you can hang on your wall.   On a practical note, the resin also provides a protective shield.  If you have a high-traffic area or kids, my pieces are durable and easy to clean.
On the protective shield note, because my pieces come alive in direct sunlight, I'm frequently asked if they can live under direct sunlight?  The answer is no.  Just like any fine art, these pieces should not be in direct sunlight.  The resin has UV protection properties, but no resin protects 100%.