Our gallery features exhibitions of established and emerging local artists. We believe that art is integral to cultural and social values, which has proven to attribute towards the growth of social awareness. Therefore, a percentage of a commission from a piece of art goes to a Greater Northern Nevada charity.


Jason Robert Clark has been painting since the age of 10, and has established a presence in the Northern Nevada Art scene.  He is a member of the Arts 4 Nevada Association and was chosen to join the Raw Artists organization for Reno. Jason has exhibited his work in numerous art shows along the West Coast. He studied art at both Western Nevada College and the University of Nevada, Reno to refine his style of painting.   Many have defined his art as being very elegant high-end abstracts with a unique modern touch.  The clean, contemporary, and intricate style of his work will shine a new light into the art world. He has a great eye for colors as it shows in his single and multi-panel works.

His work is currently being exhibited at  World Market Center in Las Vegas, NV,  Benko Art Gallery in Heavenly Village Lake Tahoe, NV, BVW Jeweler’s in South Reno, NV, Eye Candy Salon in Midtown Reno, NV, Sweet Leaf in Gardnerville, NV,  and  at The Artsy Fartsy Art Gallery- Owner Jeffrey Pace in Carson City, NV and can be found on the web at

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