Can Eternity Rings Be Resized?

At BVW Jewelers, we’ve had the honor of crafting pieces that tell a story of a lifetime. One such classic design that stands as a testament to everlasting love is the eternity ring. Imbued with deep sentiment, these rings often prompt the age-old question: Can Eternity Rings Be Resized?

Understanding the Timeless Structure of Eternity Rings

Eternity rings, characterized by their unbroken circle of gemstones, symbolize enduring love and commitment. These rings are available in two primary styles: full and half. Each type showcases a unique design, often utilizing cutting-edge 3D design techniques and the highest-quality materials, making them the epitome of love and artisanship.Facing the Resizing Challenge

Resizing an eternity ring is no ordinary feat. Given their unique design, the challenge is akin to reimagining an art piece.Factors That Influence the Resizability

  • Metal Types: The choice of metal, from radiant gold to elegant platinum, directly impacts how a ring can be resized.
  • Stone Setting: Perfect stone settings ensure the ring's beauty but can pose challenges to resizing.
  • Size Variation: The extent of the size change, whether minimal or significant, affects the resizing approach.

Decoding the Resizing Options

  • Full Eternity Rings: These rings, representing infinite love, have inherent resizing limitations. However, with techniques like lost wax casting, viable resizing options are possible.
  • Half Eternity Rings: Since they're adorned with gemstones on only half the band, these rings offer a more straightforward resizing process.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

  • Pros:Adapting to life's changes.
  • Maintaining the ring's perfect fit.
  • Cons:Possible alterations to the ring's original design.
  • Potential damage risks to the gemstones.

Alternative Solutions for Misfitting Rings

  • If your ring doesn't fit, several alternatives exist:Wear on a Different Finger: Offer a new spot for your cherished ring.
  • Use Ring Adjusters: An elegant temporary solution.
  • Design a New One: Infuse the spirit of your original ring into a brand-new design.

Choosing the Right Expertise

The jeweler you select plays a crucial role in preserving the essence and value of your eternity ring. An ideal jeweler should prioritize the ring's sentimental value, offering transparent advice and a welcoming environment.Does Resizing Impact an Eternity Ring's Value?

The story behind every ring is unique, so the effect of resizing its value can vary. Always consult with a trusted jeweler for individualized advice.Conclusion: Crafting Memories


As memories evolve, sometimes so must our treasures, and it's ok asking yourself Can Eternity Rings Be Resized. Whether you decide to resize or recreate, always remember the heart that beats within your eternity ring. Discover our collections and let your story shine. Each ring has a unique story. Connect with our team for personalized advice. Your Story, Your Ring Every ring has a tale, and at BVW Jewelers, we’re here to help you write yours. Whether you’re looking to resize or start a new chapter with a custom design, we’re here to guide you.