Reno Nevada Art Galleries at BVW Jewelers

Since our inception in 2013, BVW Jewelers has grown into more than just a jewelry store; we've become a cornerstone among Reno Nevada art galleries. Our gallery is a vibrant hub for the arts in Reno, NV, proudly showcasing a diverse array of local and international artists. Visitors can admire stunning paintings, sculptures, and exquisite jewelry crafted by talented local artisans.

As an active participant in Reno's Artown, we've had the privilege of being a chosen gallery for world-renowned artists, including Ivette Valenzuela in 2021, which brought a piece of global artistry to the heart of Northern Nevada. Our dedicated curator keeps our gallery fresh and relevant by introducing new and exciting artists every three months.

Furthermore, our commitment to the arts extends beyond simple exhibitions; we strive to create a dynamic space where the community can celebrate and access local talent. We warmly invite art enthusiasts and casual visitors alike to experience the creativity and diversity that define our gallery, truly a testament to the thriving art scene in Reno, Nevada.

Local Artist at bvw jewelers

Dane Austin Meier

The work I make focuses on the expansion and alteration of form.I seek to push the clay to its limits, whether it is through darting, bulbous forms, faceting or carving.Using porcelain allows me to have a cleaner canvas to spray glaze with multiple layers of glaze gradients.Though the work I create has a tendency to
stretch the clay to its limits, the subtlety that comes forth from glaze and clay interaction allows unity within the pieces.The celadon porcelain pieces have a translucency and understated quality that is blended with my carvings to
produce work that speaks quietly yet carries a visual weight within a room.Using ash and shino glazes I emulate the landscape of my home, Nevada.Balancing the dusty and smooth textures within my shinos allows me to convey the dry desert, as well as the mountains once the snowmelt begins.Over spraying with a blue ash glaze gives the
illusion of the spring mountain snowmelt with the backdrop of the desert or mountains.The heart of Northern Nevada
is contained within my work with shinos, whereas the porcelain celadon carved pieces speak to the education
and training I have undergone as an educator and student.

local art at bvw jewelers