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Introducing Glock Precision Watches

When Precision Meets Perfection – It's GLOCK Approved.

Glock Watchs Reno Nevada

BVW Jewelers proudly presents Glock Precision Watches, the epitome of reliability and craftsmanship directly licensed by Glock. These timepieces, designed for both men and women, demonstrate the same uncompromising quality and rugged durability synonymous with Glock’s legendary firearms.

Subjected to extensive testing, these watches are proven to endure extreme conditions, including tests for temperature extremes, saltwater resistance, and sand abrasion. Each watch features a robust 2mm-thick sapphire crystal, the industry leader for scratch and break resistance, ensuring that they can handle adventures as intense as their owners. With options for water resistance ranging from 50 to 200 meters, and including screw-down crowns on the deeper dive models, these timepieces are built to perform under pressure.

The Glock Precision Watch Collection boasts an array of precise movements. Choices range from Swiss-made quartz for unmatched accuracy to Seiko automatic movements that provide a 36-hour power reserve, catering to all preferences of mechanism sophistication.

Chronograph models with Ronda Swiss movements cater to those requiring precise timing, while solar-powered variants appeal to the eco-conscious, utilizing the sun’s power for consistent operation. Whether your style calls for purely digital or a combination of digital and analog displays, the collection ensures visibility in all conditions with state-of-the-art Swiss luminous technology.

The watches are housed in stainless steel cases available in a spectrum of finishes—from tactical black and coyote to elegant silver and rose gold. Advanced Ion plating techniques enhance the durability of these finishes, ensuring longevity that surpasses superficial aesthetics. Select models also feature lightweight titanium cases.

More than just a tool for timekeeping, Glock Precision Watches are a lifestyle statement. They offer customizable options with interchangeable straps ranging from patterned silicone and NATO colors to sleek mesh steel and robust stainless steel bands. The quick-set spring bars facilitate easy customization to suit any occasion or style.

For individuals who depend on Glock’s quality for professional duties, these watches extend the reliability you trust into every second of the day. They resonate particularly with those in law enforcement, the military, and emergency services, where Glock’s standards may make the difference in critical moments.

Glock Precision Watches are more than accessories; they are companions in your professional and personal escapades. Backed by a comprehensive three-year international warranty and endorsed by BVW Jewelers, these watches stand as a beacon of excellence and durability.

For those committed to living a life of precision, explore the full potential of the Glock Precision Watches Collection at BVW Jewelers. Embrace the precision that comes with every second when you wear a Glock on your wrist.

Discover the distinction of Glock Precision Watches and the lifestyle of precision they embody. Visit us at BVW Jewelers in Reno to find the perfect Glock watch that matches your high standards of durability and style.