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Best Reno Jewelers. This shows our strong commitment to excellence and customer happiness. Our award-winning custom jewelry shines with great care, ensuring each piece stands out.

At BVW Jewelers, we offer top service that makes us the best local jeweler in Reno, Nevada. Our skilled artisans and friendly staff work together to give every customer a personal experience. We help you find the perfect piece for any occasion.

Explore our large collection, which includes beautiful bridal jewelry, custom designs, and expert repairs. Whether you want a classic engagement ring, a unique necklace, or a well-made bracelet, BVW Jewelers has something for everyone.

Our focus on quality and craftsmanship earns us many awards. We feel proud to be recognized by our community. Celebrate excellence with us every year, as we keep striving for perfection in every piece we create.

This year, we proudly announce that we have been voted Best Jewelry Store again. Join us in celebrating this achievement and find out why BVW Jewelers is Reno's top spot for exceptional jewelry. BVW Jewelers

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At BVW Jewelers, Reno's destination for exquisite custom jewelry design, we pride ourselves on transforming your visions into stunning pieces of art. Our expertise in creating breathtaking bridal collections, combined with our comprehensive in-house repair services, sets us apart in Northern Nevada. We specialize in crafting personalized engagement rings, wedding bands, and unique jewelry pieces that capture the essence of your individual style. Leveraging state-of-the-art 3D prototyping and a deep understanding of diamonds and gemstones, our team ensures each design is as unique as your story.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond craftsmanship to include ethical sourcing of materials, ensuring that every piece we create not only meets but exceeds industry standards. From detailed jewelry appraisals to offering financing options, BVW Jewelers is dedicated to providing a full spectrum of services to our clients. Located in the heart of Reno, we invite you to experience the unmatched personal service and expert guidance that have made us the go-to jeweler for those seeking quality, integrity, and creativity. Trust Reno's local jewelry experts to bring your dream jewelry to life, where every creation is more than an accessory—it's a personal statement.

BVW Jewelers Uniique Facts

• Custom Jewelry Design
• In-house Jewelry Repair
• Diamond and Gemstone Expertise
• Bridal Jewelry Specialists
• 3D Design and Prototyping
• Ethically Sourced Materials
• Jewelry Appraisals
• Complimentary Consultations
• Financing Options
• Locally Owned and Operated