Jewelry Appraisals

Professional GIA on site at BVW Jewelers

Securing Your Treasures At BVW Jewelers, we understand the importance of accurate jewelry appraisals, whether you’re securing insurance for a new engagement ring, establishing estate values for family heirlooms, or simply aiming to understand the monetary worth of your pieces. Jewelry appraisals are not just a formality—they are a necessity for protection and peace of mind.

Certified Expertise You Can Trust Our team of appraisers is led by a certified Residential Graduate Gemologist and Jewelry Appraiser, specializing in the precise evaluation of fine jewelry, gemstones, and watches. With credentials from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), our staff employs the latest technology and equipment to ensure every appraisal is thorough and exact.

Comprehensive Appraisal Services We offer a full range of appraisal services tailored to meet various needs, including insurance, sales, estate settlements, and replacement. Our detailed appraisals provide you with:

Current Market Value: Understand the present market price of your items, an essential factor for insurance and resale.

Detailed Condition Reports: Receive comprehensive insights into the condition and quality of your jewelry, enhancing your knowledge and documentation.

Photographic Documentation: Each appraisal comes with high-quality photographs of your pieces, a critical component for insurance claims and record-keeping.

Our Trust GIA on Staff

Jewelry Expert

In-House Assurance All our appraisals are conducted in-house at our Reno facility, ensuring that your precious jewelry never leaves our secure premises. This not only guarantees safety but also provides a quick turnaround, allowing you to receive your appraisal without undue delay.

Appraisals for Every Occasion Jewelry often commemorates life’s most significant moments—engagements, anniversaries, and milestones. While your memories are invaluable, understanding the financial value of your jewelry is equally important. Whether for insurance purposes, estate planning, or personal knowledge, our expert appraisals give you the information necessary to make informed decisions.

Contact Us for Expert Appraisals Don’t let another day pass without securing the accurate value of your jewelry. Contact BVW Jewelers today to schedule a professional appraisal. Our skilled gemologists are ready to provide you with precise, up-to-date valuations that you can trust. Experience the confidence that comes with knowing exactly what your treasures are worth.