Support of LGBTQ+ Equality

BVW Jewelers: Pioneers in Support of LGBTQ+ Equality

In 2015, BVW Jewelers made history by releasing the #loveislove video. This made us one of the first jewelry stores to openly support the LGBTQ+ community. This initiative highlighted our dedication to equality and our belief that love transcends all boundaries.

Our #loveislove Campaign

The #loveislove campaign was a declaration of our core values. At a time when support for LGBTQ+ rights was uncommon, BVW Jewelers stood out. Our 2015 campaign video celebrated love in various forms. It resonated deeply with people across the country. This helped foster a more inclusive community.

Why We Support LGBTQ+ Equality

At BVW Jewelers, we believe jewelry expresses love profoundly. Love should be celebrated in all its forms. Our support for the LGBTQ+ community is rooted in our commitment to equality. We aim to create a welcoming environment for all customers. Whether choosing an engagement ring, celebrating an anniversary, or expressing affection, our collections cater to everyone.

Continuing Our Support

Our commitment to the LGBTQ+ community continues. BVW Jewelers supports and participates in LGBTQ+ events and initiatives. We create custom jewelry that celebrates every unique love story. Our doors are open to everyone. We cherish the diversity of the relationships we help commemorate.

Join Us in Celebrating Love

Visit our store to explore our diverse collections. Every piece of jewelry is crafted with care and respect. We understand and honor the unique stories they represent. At BVW Jewelers, every customer is celebrated. Every love story is honored.

  • Get Involved

Learn more about our efforts to support LGBTQ+ equality. Discover how you can join us in making a difference. Visit our website for more information. Follow our social media channels for updates on our initiatives. Stop by our store to see how we celebrate love every day.

For additonal Support for Youth:

LGBT National Youth Hotline


Learn More Here.