Exquisite Diamond Engagement Rings in Custom Designs

Redefine luxury with Reno's BVW Jewelers: experts in affordable, custom-designed jewelry. Our local team excels in crafting unique pieces, from eco-friendly gems to revitalized heirloom treasures, ensuring every creation is as special as your story.

Bespoke Jewelry Crafting: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation in Reno

At BVW Jewelers, Reno's premier destination for custom jewelry, we merge traditional techniques with modern technology to bring your unique visions to life. Our process, honed over years as leading jewelers in Reno, NV, ensures that each piece we create is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Traditional Engagement Ring Design Techniques by Reno's Expert Jewelers

Our founder, Britten Wolf, with 30 years in jewelry and design, including 15 years mastering the latest computer-aided design techniques, excels in 'Lost-Wax Casting,' a valued method among Reno jewelers. His expertise allows for intricate, custom designs, ensuring every piece, from engagement rings to unique jewelry, mirrors your personal narrative and style.

3D Prototyping: Where Precision Meets Artistry in Custom Jewelry Design

Once your design is approved, we employ cutting-edge 3D prototyping, a service not commonly found in every jewelry store in Reno, NV. This process involves meticulously milling or growing a wax model, embodying the essence of your design with unrivaled accuracy and quality.

From Vision to Reality: Crafting Your Custom Piece in Reno

The journey from design to the final piece involves casting in precious metals like gold and silver, followed by setting exquisite stones such as diamonds if desired. At BVW Jewelers, every custom jewelry piece from engagement rings to elegant necklaces, is crafted with a dedication to quality and a passion for jewelry making.

Your Trusted Reno Jewelers for Custom Jewelry

As jewelers in Reno NV, we are not just about creating jewelry; we're about forging lasting memories and relationships. Whether it's an engagement ring or a custom jewelry piece, BVW Jewelers is your trusted partner in making your jewelry dreams come true in Reno.

Our Process

Custom Design Jewelry

Simplifying Elegance in Custom Jewelry Design

At BVW Jewelers, redefining the custom design experience in Reno is our forte. Our approach is simple: make exceptional jewelry design accessible and enjoyable. Dreaming of a unique engagement ring or a personalized wedding band? Our team is ready to transform your ideas into reality with ease and expertise.

Technology Meets Craftsmanship in Reno's Premier Jewelry Studio

Our studio in Reno stands out with its advanced 3D design capabilities and dual CAD systems, making even the most intricate designs a tangible reality. Our lost wax casting techniques, renowned in Northern Nevada, add a touch of classic artistry to our modern design process.

Affordable Luxury, Crafted Just for You

We believe that unique, custom-crafted jewelry shouldn't be a luxury beyond reach. Our team works to bring your vision to life within a budget that works for you, without compromising on quality or design integrity.

A Team of Experts Devoted to Your Vision

With a blend of seasoned designers and master jewelers, our team at BVW Jewelers ensures every piece is a masterpiece. We're not just creating jewelry; we're creating lasting symbols of your special moments, right here in Reno.

Work with our designers in person or via email to create your one-of-a-kind.

Receive a rendering (picture) of your design via email

Receive a 3D wax mold of your jewelry for approval.

Your piece is cast in the metal of your choice.

Enjoy your Custom BVW Design!


At BVW Jewelers, we employ cutting-edge technology to bring your dream engagement ring to life. Our expert designers utilize advanced Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software, allowing us to create a precise virtual model of your design. This not only enhances the accuracy of the final product but also provides you with a unique opportunity to visualize your ring before the physical creation begins.

With CAD software, we can make real-time adjustments to ensure your new engagement ring matches your exact preferences. This means you have the freedom to customize every detail, ensuring that the final piece is a true reflection of your vision, even before it's crafted

BVW Jewelers, Jewelry Design

At BVW Jewelers, we prioritize designing with you in mind. Our focus is on custom design, offering a range of unique engagement rings and diamonds of every size. We understand that your jewelry should be as distinct as you are, and we're here to bring your vision to life.